Driver's License

Georgia Driver's Licenses are issued by the Georgia Department of Driver Services.  There are some requirements for Teen Drivers to receive their Instructional Permit and Driver's License.

To obtain an Instructional Permit, students need a Certificate of School Enrollment.  Students need to fill out Part A then submit the certificate to the main office at HHS.  The school will complete the certificate, notarize it and students can typically pick up the form at the end of the school day.  

To obtain a Driver's License, students need a Certificate of School Enrollment and a certificate that they have completed the Alcohol and Drug Awareness Program (ADAP) at school in Health class or online.  There are additional requirements for 16 year olds to receive their driver's license.  Click on the Teen Drivers link for all requirements.

*If you need a Certificate of Enrollment during the summer, please email Mrs. Sherry Niles at [email protected] or call the school (706-937-6464) a couple of days before you need the form.  Mrs. Niles will prepare the form and have it ready for pickup.  The forms must be notarized and have the principal's signature, so calling or emailing early will save you time.
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