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Engineering Pathway 

Engineering Graphics & Design


The engineering graphics & design pathway allows students to prepare working engineering drawings using industry standard computer-aided design software and hardware. Topics covered include fundamental drawing, and mechanical, electrical and structural drafting and design, geometric tolerances and sheet metal developments. Students will use cutting-edge software to construct two-dimensional and three-dimensional drawings, as well as wire frame and solid models. Students will also construct actual scale models from their working drawings. Potential careers include CADD technician, design engineer, industrial drafter, patternmaker, technical illustrator and engineer.

Courses for the Engineering Pathway:

48.5410000 Intro to Engineering Drawing and Design
48.5420000 Survey of Engineering Graphics
48.5430000 3D Modeling and Analysis

Architectural Pathway

Architectural Drawing & Design


The architectural drawing and design pathway is designed to prepare students with foundational knowledge and skills for a career in the construction industry. Possible careers include occupations related to architecture, drafting and engineering. Most architecture, construction and engineering projects require employees skilled in these occupations. The coursework/standards within the architectural drawing and design pathway include basic tools, equipment, systems and drawings related to drafting. Advanced skills in residential design, including CAD and other computer applications, are incorporated within the pathway.

Courses for the Architectural Pathway:

48.5410000 Intro to Engineering Drawing and Design
48.5450000 Architectural Draw and Design I
48.5460000 Architectural Draw and Design II

Skills USA Competition Winners

Technical Drawing

  • Neel Hollis- Region Champion
  • Taylor Rapp- Region Champion & State Runner-up
  • Christian Sawyer- Region Champion & State Bronze Medalist

Architectural Drawing

  • Tyler Gates- Region Champion & State Champion
  • Matthew Stagg- Region Champion & State Champion & National Bronze Medalist
  • Timothy Hodge- Region Champion & State Bronze Medalist