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Highest Honors for Class of 2019 Announced
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Thursday, March 28, 2019
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Congratulations to the members of the Heritage High School Class of 2019 who have earned "Highest Honors" including our valedictorian, Saulye Nichols, and salutatorian, Elijah Pehrson!  "Highest Honors" graduates have maintained a 90 or above grade point average in their core classes and have taken at least 6 Honors, AP or college dual enrollment classes while in high school.  These students will wear a gold tassel at graduation and will be seated first.

Valedictorian: Saulye Nichols

Salutatorian: Elijah Pehrson

Allen, Olivia

Ballew, Addison

Black, Lillian

Bolden, Anna Marie

Bright, Kaylee

Bryant, Brandon

Buchanan, Jalen

Caraway, Michael

Colquitt, Aaron

Craft, Ryan

Davis, Cassie

Dyer, Taylor

Giles, Selah

Gonzalez, Baylee

Gossett, Mckenzie

Grant, Jay

Guinn, Kaylie

Haney, Camryn

Harden, Kaitlyn

Hayes, McKenna

Hayes, Lance

Hayes, Ryan

Hodge, Emma

Inskeep, Cody

Jackson, Savannah

James, Abigail

Killen, William

King, Sean

Kirby, Kaitlyn

LeVan, Sarah

Lynch, Preston

Manley, Mackenzie

McAlister, Maleah

McKenzie, Britney

Miller, Katelyn

Nguyen, Tommy

Pak, Justin

Petteys, Clint

Ray, Kerrighan

Remko, Skye

Roberts, Hannah

Scott, Zach

Shank, Ian

Sims, Noah

Smith, Hannah

Song, Christy

Steele, Allen

Thompson, Abigail

Thompson, Madelyn

Townley, Rachel

Vice, Caitlyn

White, Hannah

White, Lindsey

Wiggins, Ashton

Wiley, Emily

Williams, Cade

Williamson, Logan

Wright, Colton

Wright, Hunter


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