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Dual Enrollment for Summer and Fall 2019
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Thursday, February 14, 2019
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Dual Enrollment/Dual Credit Programs are available for Georgia high school students primarily in grades 11 and 12 (although there are limited cases in which 9th and 10th graders may participate) in which students take classes at Georgia NW Technical College or Dalton State College (or other Georgia public colleges in the Technical College System of Georgia or the University System of Georgia) and receive both high school and college credit for the courses.  These classes are FREE to Georgia high school students.  Students may take classes on a full or part time basis.  Summer classes are also available for FREE.

The Heritage High School Class of 2018 featured four students who earned their associate degrees BEFORE they finished high school and another student who completed several job skill certificate programs before graduating from high school!


1.  Students need to speak to their school counselor regarding their interest in dual enrollment.

2.  Students need to take the appropriate college entrance exam (ACT, SAT, Compass, Accuplacer) before applying to the college.  There are limited dates for these entrance exams, so plan several months ahead!  In some instances PSAT scores, high school GPA, or Georgia Milestones scores may be accepted in place of college entrance exams.  See you high school counselor for more information.

3.  Students need to apply EARLY to the college. 

  • The deadline to apply to Dalton State for summer semester classes is May 1st.  The deadline to apply for fall semester classes is July 1stThe deadline to apply for spring semester classes is December 1
  • The deadline to apply to Georgia NW Tech for summer semester classes is March 1st.  The deadline to apply for fall semester classes is May 1st.  The deadline to apply for spring semester classes is October 1st.

4.  Complete Student Participation Agreement (FY 19).

5.  Once students apply and are accepted, they will need to select classes.  Students should consult their school counselor and college dual enrollment coordinator to choose classes which will meet high school graduation requirements and provide college credit toward a degree program.  Students also need to consider the timing of classes if they are going to college half-time so that it works with their high school schedule.


  • Mechatronics Cohort at Georgia NW Technical College, Ringgold Campus
  • Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) at Georgia NW Technical College, Ringgold Campus

Important Reminders:

  • Stay in close communication with your high school counselor to ensure that you are meeting all the requirements for high school graduation as you take college courses!
  • If you are a full time dual enrollment college student, stay up to date with happenings at HHS through the school website, Twitter and Google classroom!
  • You will be on a college campus, with college age students, and are expected to behave in a mature manner.
  • You will have to navigate the college world largely on your own.  Communication with college professors should come from the dual enrolled student, not their parents.
  • There are deadlines for dropping courses set by the college and procedures in place for high school students.  Be aware of them!  Students who drop college courses may have to add other high school courses to remain a full time student.
  • Colleges may give you a letter grade (A, B, C, D, F) instead of a numeric grade.  There is a conversion system in place for Catoosa County Students.
  • You may be required to take some End of Course tests at Heritage High during our testing window (December or May).  Click here for "required" and "exempted" classes.
  • Students may have some college expenses such as course related fees and materials (lab fees, supplies, materials), parking fees, meal plan, graduation fee, orientation fee, charges or fines, lost or damaged books, or textbooks.
  • Taking Dual Enrollment classes does not affect the amount of HOPE scholarship that students have the opportunity to earn (if students are awarded the HOPE scholarship).

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