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Credit Recovery Options
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Thursday, January 12, 2017
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Students who received a failing grade in an academic class (math, science, social studies or English) for the fall semester have several opportunitites to recover the credit lost through failing grades.  Almost all failing grades are a result of poor attendance, lack of effort or lack of understanding coupled with failure to take advantage of lunch tutoring sessions/failure to ask for help.

In all situations, credit recovery grades do not replace the initial failing grade that the student received in the class.  Credit recovery classes will go on the transcript as an additional class with a grade assigned by the credit recovery teacher.  Students who recover credit for an EOC course will be required to retake the EOC exam.

Credit Recovery Options:

  • After school Credit Recovery from February through March - Available for all seniors or any student who failed an academic class with a grade between 60-69.  Teachers will schedule sessions 2-3 times a week for one hour after school.  Students will be responsible to provide their own transportation home after the credit recovery sessions.  Sign up for after school credit recovery in the school counseling office.
  • Summer Credit Recovery - Offered for all students who failed an academic class from June 5th through June 22nd, Monday through Thursday from 8:30-11:30 am.  There are also opportunities throughout the summer for students to work independently through Apex computer classes.  Students will sign up for summer credit recovery beginning in May in the school counseling office.
  • Apex classroom - Students have the opportunity to schedule a block in the Apex credit recovery classroom during the school day to work on credit recovery classes.  In some instances, students may have the opportunity to recover more than one class in a block.  Students need to speak with their school counsleor to schedule this class.
  • Performance Learning Center - Students may apply for admission to the PLC through their school counselor and recover credit at the PLC, located in Fort Oglethorpe.  PLC students remain enrolled at Heritage High and bus service is provided.

Students have the opportunity to take 32 classes during their 4 years at Heritage High.  28 credits are required for graduation.  In some instances, students may choose to simply take a failed course over again.  If this is the best option, students will remain on track for graduation as long as they fail no more than 4 classes during their high school career.

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